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Apr 11, 2017

Are you embracing social media?     If not, perhaps you should reconsider your marketing strategy. Recently, Adidas chief executive Kasper Rorsted announced that the clothing giant would be prior…

Apr 04, 2017

When people think of social media, they usually think of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. And while there are other platforms to consider too, perhaps Instagram should be your priority?     If you…

Mar 28, 2017

Research shows that people spend over a quarter of their total time online surfing social networks. When you stop and consider how many people there are in the world, how many gadgets we own and just …

Mar 21, 2017

When it comes to business, your social media prowess has huge influence over your brand.     How many followers do you have? How many tweets, likes and shares do your blog posts get? Do you inter…

Mar 14, 2017

Well, yes and no. Using social media for business is a complex thing. On the one hand, it presents the perfect opportunity to connect and engage with potential customers.     When that happens, y…

Mar 07, 2017

Business is always challenging. The best marketing strategies are continually evolving and that’s certainly the case with social media. So, what’s the best social media strategy for 2017?     Th…

Feb 28, 2017

If there were an event that demonstrates the power of social media best, it would have to be the Oscars.     For starters, there are the social media profiles of the actors and actresses themselv…

Feb 21, 2017

When many companies think of social media, they think of jobs. Their social media activity becomes something they have to do.     But therein lies the irony. Social media was invented so that peo…

Feb 14, 2017

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have heard of, or seen some, live streaming. Possibly, you’ve even taken part in a bit of streaming. It’s pretty amazing… and daunting. Being able to c…

Feb 07, 2017

Sometimes, we can all be guilty of looking at a marketing strategy in a linear way. That is to say, social media is an incredibly versatile tool at your disposal.     Try not to think of social m…

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