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Mar 13, 2018

Today, if you want to be successful online then you need a social media presence. Social channels give your brand the unique opportunity to communicate with your target audience, demonstrate your auth…

Feb 19, 2018

Feedback can be useful to a company in many ways. The right review of your product or service can help you to see gaps in the market that you didn't recognise before or overcome issues with developme…

Feb 06, 2018

The Super Bowl is a huge event. It’s a worldwide thing, not just an American tradition. It’s one of the most-watched sporting occasions in the world… … and many businesses use it to effectively marke…

Jan 23, 2018

Having a social media strategy is one thing; having a plan that’s special and different is quite another.     But that’s exactly what you need to strive for, since most people and businesses are …

Jan 09, 2018

If you want to succeed in the modern world of digital marketing, then you need to get social. Today's customers are constantly talking about, and to their favourite brands online. Social media market…

Dec 05, 2017

Now, as a business, you’ve probably got a company page on Facebook. You might post updates often and you may even have tried advertising. But have you tried using Facebook Messenger for your business?…

Nov 28, 2017

On the face of it, emojis often seem like a childish add-on to a sentence. Their growth in popularity has been insane. At best, they’re amusing asides that are surely best saved for your friends – the…

Nov 07, 2017

Over the summer, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook officially now has 2 billion people registered on the site. The site gained 60 million active users between March and June 2017, which is an in…

Oct 31, 2017
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In an era when customers are obsessed with everything social, and establishing a long-lasting relationship with your customer is one of the best ways to improve profits and enhance your digital market…

Oct 24, 2017

Have you ever considered using Instagram for your business? Maybe you should. Over 15 million companies have created a profile on Instagram and, with around 800 million users, it’s pretty hot property…

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