The Top Content Marketing Trends For 2019

Jan 29, 2019

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The Top Content Marketing Trends For 2019

“Content is King”. It’s a phrase that first appeared in an essay by Microsoft founder Bill Gates in 1996 where he described the future of the Internet as a marketplace for content. 

During 2019, It's time to really focus on your content marketing. It is the forefront of all digital marketing strategies and is set to be more important than ever and become a crucial element that will reap big rewards.   

Here we look at 5 of the top trends for 2019. 

#1 Authentic and High Quality Content

The main focus is on creating high quality, accurate and authentic content that is convincing, entertaining, helpful and interesting for clients. 

But most importantly, your content needs to be original and relevant to your business, you must create your own and use your own ideas. If you're short on inspiration - or indeed time – you can hire a consultant, writer or agency to help you create them. 

And content does not have to just be the written word - information can be presented in various formats including text, blogs, videos, infographics, webinars, e-books and podcasts. The more varied the better. 

#2 Test and Try Video

2019 is definitely the time to make some videos and initially, simple will be fine. You could add a product video on your landing page or produce a short animation clip.

But do take the time to plan out a solid content strategy that attracts your ideal customers, serves your current audience, and works towards your broader goals – make sure video is the right content for this.

#3 Use Micro-Moments

With so much noise online and only a few seconds to grab attention, this ‘right here, right now’ approach is what consumers are looking for - a quick answer to their question.  This can include FAQs, Instagram and Facebook Stories or Audio content. Maximising the use of chat bots can help too. 

These quick bites that can fulfil the need can really increase the mobile conversion rate for your business as your clients become more and more dependent on their smartphones and other mobile devices. 

#4 Optimise your content for voice search

Voice Search is the future of SEO and Google has predicted that by 2020, more than 50% of searches will be via voice, so your content needs to be optimised for voice search. 

When developing content you will need to be considering how will your customers will ask a question using their voice via their smartphone, Siri or Amazon's Echo . Understanding this will set you apart from the competition and generate more traffic, leads and sales. 

#5 Use Influencer Marketing at a more relevant level

Developing relationships with influencers who can promote your content is not a new concept - they can help to build brand awareness. However, they don’t have to be big famous names. 

Instead, consider local and national leaders in your industry and sector. Within your own company your own employees as well as current customers may be your best brand advocates. 


Following these trends and making sure your Content Marketing is relevant to your industry and business will put your brand at the forefront and ahead of the rest, allowing you to not only retain your present clients but to attract new ones. 

To have a successful content strategy throughout 2019, you must take time to plan for it, and then be willing to do the work to make it a reality. But don’t be afraid to outsource if necessary – this can really drive results and free you up to run your business.




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