How To Grow Your Email List Using Facebook Messenger Bots

Jan 21, 2019

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How To Grow Your Email List Using Facebook Messenger Bots

At present, there are around 1.3 billion people using Facebook Messenger - both personally and in business.

And the response rates are impressive. A recent report from Statista compared the open and click-through rates for different types of emails - the average email open rates were 5.9%-18.8%, and the average click-through rates were 0.4%-2.1%.

However, Messenger is seeing open rates of 80% or more and click-through rates greater than 30% – highlighting why businesses are fast picking up on this medium.

Now if you add bots to your business’s messenger, it increases the open rates even more - they have a 99.8% open rate! This makes them a powerful marketing tool for any business. It gives the user the feeling of security as the message is being delivered straight onto their mobile device within the Facebook Messenger app. 

Using Messenger Bots within your marketing

It is important to have a strategy when introducing bots. Don’t just set up an account with one of the providers and start communicating with your customer randomly with no clear idea of what you want to get out of it.

With good planning the channel can offer great benefits to your business including:

-       providing real-time, hands-off customer support, 24/7

-       helping potential customers find the right products from your site

-       responding instantly to questions, and directing users to your website or landing page

And of course, Messenger can also be used as a tool to build your email list. You could be increasing your subscribers and growing your audience at a fast pace as your first bot can be set up in a matter of minutes. 

Setting Up Bots within Messenger

There are many chatbot tools out there that can help you get your Messenger chatbot up and running quickly and easily.

The fastest, easiest and cheapest option is to start with Facebook Messenger’s bot which is known as your “Response Assistant”. This is built-in and it’s free and, although it has its limitations, it’s well worth trying it as it gives you the opportunity to try the process.

It’s simple to set up - go to your business page, select settings followed by messaging. You can send an instant message when someone messages your page with a hook or incentive to stay in touch.

There are more sophisticated platforms available. ManyChat is one of the more popular ones and there are numerous additional features, a training support group on Facebook and a free plan to help you get started.

Others include Surveybot, Chatfuel and These are all still easy to connect to through your Facebook account. 

How do you drive sign ups for your email list?

Setting up the messenger bot is just the first step, the ultimate aim is to get the user to subscribe. Here are some tactics:

#1 Create a lead magnet

It is very difficult to get people to sign up to an email list just on the promise of free content. You will need a hook or a freebie such as:

-         An eBook or a download Guide – give access to a short book or guide on a topic your audience is interested it

-         A Mini-Course - create a short course that your users can follow to teach them an important strategy or skill. Send one short lesson daily.

-         A Quiz – either for fun or to teach people something linked to your product or service. They will need to enter an email address to get the results

-         A Cheatsheet

-         A Discount Code - offer an exclusive discount, coupon code or a free trial to users that sign up. 

#2 use keywords

Next you need to set up key words that will trigger what you are promoting or giving away – for example if you are promoting a Business Coach and you have a downloadable guide titled “Building An Effective Business Plan For Your Business” – you will want your messenger Bot to tell anyone who mentions “objectives”, “business”, “strategy” or “planning”.

#3 Set up sequences

This feature is where you can set up a series of messages that act as a funnel to encourage people who messaged you on Facebook to join your email list.

For example, if someone messages your FB page, they then receive a message asking if they would like to subscribe. This is followed up by a series of messages.

However, don’t be too pushy on the sales front - a good rule of thumb is to promote your product or services no more than 20% of the time. Send interesting and relevant content the rest of the time – this way the user will not feel alienated and is more likely to subscribe. You would deliver this content through the funnel just as you would with your email subscribers. 

Continue with traditional email lists too!

With over 1 billion active users on Facebook Messenger, its one of the best places to connect with your target audience. But you should use caution – do not rely solely on this method in your marketing strategy as you do not own or control the platform.

Ultimately you need to own your data. That way if anything were to happen to Facebook or Facebook Messenger, you can take your list elsewhere instead of having to start again.

Continuing to capture user information such as email addresses in more traditional methods alongside messenger bots is key. Although email has far lower open and click-through rates than Facebook Messenger, it is still a good tool to use.

Combining the power of bots with the proven results of email marketing makes good marketing sense!



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