Top 10 Tips For Integrating Your Social Media Into Your Website

Dec 12, 2018

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Top 10 Tips For Integrating Your Social Media Into Your Website 

A great way of increasing your online presence and promoting your brand is to integrate your social media into your website. Many businesses could miss out on potential interactions, impressions and ultimately sales because they don’t take full advantage of this link. 

Here we give you our top tips to achieve a seamless link between the two channels. 

#1 Include Social Media Buttons

It seems quite an obvious one to have social media buttons on your website, Place them somewhere visible – pin them to the top menu bar and the bottom footer so they are constant regardless of where the viewer navigates to. Make sure users don’t leave your web page altogether by creating the buttons or links so that they open your social media pages in new windows. Only display the social buttons that you use frequently. If you have a Twitter account but rarely post there, it’s not worth directing traffic to an empty feed. 

#2 Add Social Media Feeds To Your Home Page

Only display feeds that you actively use, and this means feeds where you post on a daily basis and as a bare minimum, twice a week. Social media feeds are a great way of keeping your clients up to date with all your news plus it keeps your website updated and relevant. 

#3 Share Buttons

Make it simple for visitors to share your articles, blogs and interesting content on to their own and other peoples social feeds - and if you are selling products or have an eCommerce site, make sure any visitors can easily recommend the product to let others know. 

#4 Social Login

The majority of people prefer to login to a website using a social login, so it really makes sense to have this functionality so that users can login through Facebook or Twitter. 

#5 Analytics

Track the way in which your visitors are using your social media buttons by monitoring your Google Analytics. How many people are actually clicking on your outbound social media links? Google Analytics will track how people are using your social media buttons and you’ll be able to see the impact that social media is having on your business and tweak where necessary to get the best results 

#6 Social Media Videos

Videos encourage the most engagement and win hands down when it comes to content sharing. Integrate your social media videos into your website. 

#7 Hashtags and Social Shoutouts

This is a way to free advertising for your brand and hashtags are a simple crossover between your social media and your website.

#8 Use An Instagram Gallery

You can embed an Instagram feed on your website and it will entice not only your regular customers but also potential clients as you can display visually what you sell. 

#9 Stay Up To Date And Do Your Research

Social Media is constantly changing and evolving, so try to keep on top of the latest updates and features. It will be a challenge! 

#10 Don’t Overplay The Integration

As with many things, “less is more”! Get the right balance and analyse what is working and perhaps what is not.  

Don’t miss out on potential interactions and impressions of your business by not having your social media integrated into your website. Get social with your website to create a content and media rich environment for your users.

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