What are Facebook stories and how can you maximise their use?

Sep 13, 2018

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What are Facebook stories and how can you maximise their use? 

On Facebook, business’s organic reach is continuing to decline within an overcrowded space – attracting and keeping user’s attention is tough. 

And with Facebook’s latest algorithm change prioritising local news, as well as interactions between friends and family, this is making it even harder for your posts to been seen without investing in the boost option. 

As with all digital marketing, you need to keep looking for new ways to reach your audience – and Facebook Stories is the latest tool available to businesses. 

The aim of the function is to create user-generated slideshows and video collections which are short-term pieces of engaging content – they are only available to viewers for up to 24 hours before they disappear. 

What is the difference between a story and a post?

Stories is a more personal feature on Facebook, giving you an opportunity to make better connection and engagement with your users. 

It is also less formal. Where business posts should be planned out with professional content and images, stories are more about the behind-the-scenes intel and can have a “guerilla marketing” feel with homemade videos and images. 

How do you create one?

The first step to develop an idea or concept for your story deciding what the overall key message is  - what are you trying to convey to them and what do you want them to think or do? 

You can use this function to give users a sneak peak of a new product, provide tutorials or ask a question. 

You want viewers to watch your story unfold and follow your journey from beginning to end so the content needs to be exclusive, fun, intriguing, entertaining or informative.  But keep the copy brief by using direct language and strong call to actions with hashtags. 

Stories are uploaded via the ‘Create Story’ button. The feature is packed with text, filters and stickers to enhance your communication. 

What are the benefits?

So, what makes stories so valuable to marketing? 

  • Get your business noticed

Stories appear right at the top of Facebook meaning that they are the first thing that your followers will see when they log on – especially on a mobile. This makes it great for grabbing attention. The Stories section also remains as they scroll through news on a desktop too giving good exposure and opportunities for engagement. 

  • Reach who you want

Stories allows you to directly share specific content to selected followers giving you the power to make your messages highly targeted.  And as they disappear within 24 hours it is a great tool to offer flash sales, limited offers and one-off purchases to the right customers. 

  • Avoid the newsfeed lottery

People may not always see your brand when you are just posting as Facebook algorithms  intervene.  Stories are in chronological order, the more frequent you post to stories, the more relevant you will stay on Facebook - and in your follower’s minds. 

  • Better measurement

You can monitor exactly who is watching your Facebook stories which means once you know who’s fully engaged with your brand, you can adapt your targeting efforts. 

Taking advantage of Facebook Stories in your business

We all know that video is a perfect and powerful way to engage with your audience – but a lot of businesses are put off as creating a professional showreel can be expensive. Now with Facebook stories you no longer have to. 

On Social Media, viewers prefer the more natural moments that Stories show. It gives your business an opportunity to share your journey with people in an open and organic way which can build trust and loyalty. 

And you don’t have to do it alone – you can broaden your reach through collaborative stories. Building alliances with people and brands that you know your users like is a great way to build credibility for your own business company. 

Facebook Stories, from a business sense, is still a largely under-populated space so now is the time to start building your story.


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