The Top 10 Tips to improve connections and engagement on LinkedIn

Sep 24, 2018

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The Top 10 Tips to improve connections and engagement on LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is the largest social network for business. It allows you to interact with a huge network of like-minded professionals, exchange ideas and meet potential new clients and business connections.

Here are some top tips to get the most out of it for your business: 

#1 Check Your Appearance

As always in business, when you are coming into contact with key audiences for the first time, it is imperative to make a great first impression. And this applies to online too. Review your profile from an objective point of view – consider the following:

-        Is your profile picture professional? Always use a corporate headshot rather than a holiday snap. The same goes for your LinkedIn cover image.

-        Is your headline eye-catching? As standard, LinkedIn uses your current position as the default headline for your profile but you can change this.  You should treat your headline as a snapshot that describes exactly what you can do for your clients and how you are different.

-        Your Summary should be about your background and how you got to where you are today. Use bullet points to list strengths or specialties.

-        Is your profile complete and up to date? Make sure all sections are completed with no gaps 

#2 Get Social

Having a profile, posting updates and sending connection requests is not enough if you want to start building up your presence and engagement. You need to be more sociable. 

Take note of anyone who takes the time to leave a comment on your posts, and respond by liking comments and posting replies to continue the discussion. Start interacting with your connections properly – like their updates, comment on their news and discussions, share their events. The more active you are, the more people will interact with and support you. 

#3 Widen Your Circle

If you’ve already connected with all your friends, business contacts and colleagues, it’s time to expand. The best time to connect with new people is after meeting them in person – whether that is in a large group or a 121. 

Have a look at your connection’s connections and their wider circle – you can contact people on a 2nd level directly, but ask for introductions to those on a 3rd level who are in industries or businesses that you want to reach. 

#4 Take a Personal Approach

When asking people to connect, send a personal message. You can explain how you know each other or why you would like to connect. Mention anything you may have spoken about to help jog their memory if your meeting was brief or a while ago. 

#5 Join A Group

Engaging in the LinkedIn Group discussions will not only give you an opportunity to link up with new contacts but will also help to generate possible leads by sharing relevant content and promoting your expertise. But make sure it’s not one-sided and all about you. If you start a discussion, don’t then ignore the ongoing conversations - keep the momentum going. But remember it’s a professional networking platform – don’t be drawn in by negative, personal comments. Keep all responses polite. 

#6 Plan Your Content Strategy

LinkedIn is a great place for your business to publish targeted content. But it is important to focus on the type of content that will work for you.  It has to be engaging and make the viewer want to carry on reading – either with a published article within your profile or a link back to your website. According to stats, adding an image or infographic to your post can increase the likeliness of a user clicking on the post by 11-fold.   

Content that asks questions and invites discussions around relevant topics will encourage engagement – who doesn’t like to give their opinion on a subject that is close to their hearts? This also gives you an opportunity to show your viewers your knowledge and awareness of the chosen sector. If you are willing to give insights and ‘sneak peaks’ into your industry, this will create a loyal following of engaged users.

Having the right call to action on your content will also encourage interactivity – asking people to “click to find out more” or “start a free trial,” is more likely to prompt action. 

Talking about what your business has been up to or any industry events you will be attending makes great content – you can start discussions around the event and invite connections to come and find you.

#7 Make Your Updates Public

Making your posts open to public viewing is great way to increase your exposure and reach - and it also allows you to then share the posts via your other social media profiles by pasting the link into a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. 

#8 Encourage Your Employees to Join In

By encouraging your employees to act as brand ambassadors, you can quickly and measurably increase your social media reach.  Ask your team members to like, share and comment on your posts.  And the benefits are not just one way - employees who share and create career-related content will get more LinkedIn profiles views, InMails and connection requests, ultimately elevating their professional brand too. 

#9 Track Your Stats

Keeping track of your stats is good way to see what is working – and what isn’t. 

After a prolonged stint of positive activity, it is helpful to monitor measurements such as the increase in your number of personal connections, number of content shares and likes, and the follower engagement with your company page and showcase pages. These will indicate any increased awareness and visibility of your business. 

If you are including clear call to actions within your content, you can also track the referrals back to your website via Google Analytics. Ultimately, you want to convert your LinkedIn referral traffic into customers so tracking the leads generated from LinkedIn through to sales is key. 

#10 Don’t Go Stale

As with all social media, you need an ongoing presence. Having an outdated or unattended LinkedIn page will lose you followers and create a negative impression of your brand. Make sure you post frequently but with relevant, interesting content. You need to keep up the engagement too - reply, comment and ask questions. Stay up to date with any new tools or trends on LinkedIn and vary the type of media – including videos does increase engagement.

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