How to find the best Twitter hashtags - and make the most of them

Jul 04, 2018

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How to find the best Twitter hashtags - and make the most of them

Hashtags are a vital part of finding and joining social conversations across many social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. 

As a business, hashtags can help you to build brand awareness, align with your target audience, and create or join in with relevant conversations. 

Used correctly they can really help increase the exposure of your brand to the right people - and you can set up Twitter hashtag campaigns at no cost, giving you the opportunity to achieve incredible ROI. 

So how do you know what hashtags to use? Here are just some of the tools available to help you: 

Twitter itself is the easiest place to look for hashtag trends. Along with having the most accurate and up-to-date information, it’s also convenient. You can find trending hashtags especially targeted to you on the left side of your Twitter screen, or you can use the search bar to find more insights. By making the most of current hashtag trends you can get more exposure for your tweets. 

ExportTweet allows you to track hashtags, keywords, and accounts. This tool also helps you find top tweets, related hashtags, influencer data, device source, geographic location, and more. The free tool gives information on the last 100 tweets, but the paid searches offer unlimited tracking time and unlimited report downloads. With the pay-as-you-go pricing options, ExportTweet is a great option for new hashtag trackers or those who want to focus on only a few hashtags. 

RiteTag is a useful tool creating new hashtags as it will offer recommendations on which one to use – and, more importantly, which ones not to use. When choosing or creating a branded hashtag, RiteTag will show you other relevant hashtags, along with information about reach, exposure, and retweets. With instant feedback on your hashtags this tool is flexible and will give you analytics on any hashtag that you are following, not just the ones that you’re actively using. 

Trendsmap can help you find hashtags in your local area, which is great if you have a company that thrives from local traffic. You can see local trending words, users, and hashtags and with an interactive map  you can easily find what you’re looking for. You can upgrade to a paid version of this tool for more targeted details. is a hashtag finder simplifying the search for hashtags most relevant to your target audience or sector, for example, it can tell you the top ten hashtags related to your brand or to a current event. 

Keyhole is one of the most simple but effective tools as it allows you to conduct a hashtag search without any registration or setting up an account. On searching you can view a report containing sample data from your set criteria, with charts that break down share of posts, related hashtag and keywords. 

Why creating your own Twitter Hashtag?

Setting up your own branded hashtags can bring your community together, differentiate you from the competition and add fun to your Tweets. Great hashtags should always be easy to remember, readable and unique as it’s going to be associated with your brand, so it needs to be planned out. 

Brand campaigns that have done well from hashtags are ones like Nike’s #Justdoit or Under Armour’s #IWILL. They form a part of the company’s overall messaging and not specific to any singular campaign. 

And lastly, one word of caution when setting up your own – beware of using words that run into each other. The classic example of this mistake is Susan Boyle’s album party hashtag which omitted her surname from the hashtag. When you’re stringing together multiple words in a single hashtag, double check for any hidden messages.



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