Using social media to learn about your customers

Aug 08, 2017

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If there’s one thing that will increase the chances of a sale, then it’s extended knowledge of your target audience. Ultimately, the more a business understands its consumer base, the more money it’ll make.




But when it comes to understanding an audience, what do we mean exactly? And where does social media come into it?

Demographically, every business will have a wide range of customers.

Each of those customers will have an average spend. And since no company can be all things to all people, the trick is to identify the type of consumer that makes the most money for a business.

When a buyer persona has been created, the objective is then to seek out potential customers in places where that persona will hang out. And this is where social media comes in.

Because there are simply so many people on some sort of social media platform every day of the year, it makes social media an ideal place to find leads and perhaps learn even more about them.

Once this strategy has been executed, all the power shifts back once again to the brand. For starters, most people won’t engage with companies that they don’t know and social media allows businesses to create engaging content.

In turn, this leads to conversations, increased trust levels and higher integrity.

Maybe you’re wondering how all this knowledge about a target audience plays out in reality?

Well, think about the brands that you love and trust. How do they speak and communicate with you? Because the chances are, they use the same vocabulary that you do.

Once a brand understands its ideal kind of customer, it doesn’t just focus on in solving relevant problems and issues. It also spits back language that the buyer persona uses.

For example, one of Apple’s iPhone 6 adverts uses the phrase ‘ridiculously powerful’ when talking about its new device. Those two words aren’t chosen by random. There’s a pretty good chance that Apple has conducted some sort of market research.

Maybe one of their marketing teams has seen several tweets or Facebook updates where their core audience has used that term? And there’s no reason why smaller businesses can’t do the same.

At the end of the day, it comes down to logic. A marketing strategy that tries to speak to everyone will end up saying nothing at all. And that’s not going to lead to sales.

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