About Social Media First


Social Media First was born in December 2012.  It was launched after I sold my magazine company earlier that year. We published a couple of free magazines called Playmusic and Running Free. They were both very successful when the UK was in a better economic climate and before social media really started to take off.

I did some hard thinking as to how I could keep the relationships with the friends/clients I’d built over the previous 10 years of publishing. So I went back to them offering a different route to market for their businesses through Facebook and Twitter and the business really started to take off.

We now have over 25 clients in different industries across the UK and Europe, including musical instrument distributors, sports specialists, art galleries, hair dressers, dentists, virtual back office companies, packaging companies, outdoor clothing, graphic design and photography studios.

We really believe that new business can be achieved through social media, and if you’re not finding the time to work on it every day then why not drop us a line to see how we can help.

Call Us On: 01892 670830

Social Media: What Most Companies Don’t know

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"Increased engagement and increased sales"

I have been very pleased with the impact that Social Media First have made to our Facebook brand page. The posts have been relevant, informative and well-targeted, and the growing number of followers and interactions are testament to their effectiveness. I’m also very pleased by the correlation of increased engagement and increased sales.

Alex Mew
Marketing Director Barnes and Mullins